Previous Members and Voluntary Research Fellows

Dr. Camille Allonsius

Consultant at Qarad (BE) & voluntary research fellow at LebeerLab

Dr. Wenke Smets

Postdoctoral fellow at UCBerkeley (US) & voluntary research fellow at LebeerLab

Dr. Serena Moretti

Industrialization specialist at Biocartis (BE; molecular diagnostics) & voluntary research fellow at LebeerLab

Dr. Sander Wuyts

Postdoctoral fellow at EMBL Heidelberg (Bork Group) (DE) & voluntary research fellow at LebeerLab

Dr. Ingmar Claes

Head of science at YUN NV (BE), spin-out company of the lab: skin probiotics (

Dr. Hanne Tytgat

Postdoctoral Marie-Curie Fellow on glycoengineering of protein glycosylation pathways in bacteria at ETH Zürich (CHE) & Co-founder of Ekoli (NGO that organizes science workshops)

Dr. Shweta Malik

Senior research associate at Reckitt Benckiser heading Microbiology function (India)

Dr. Marijke Segers

Process Development Engineer at Biocartis (BE; molecular diagnostics)

Dr. Cynthia Vargas

Project manager at ERT (BE), a global data and technology clinical trial company

Dr. Mariya Petrova

Postdoctoral Fellow at KU Leuven

Dr. Elke Lievens

Science Liaison Women’s Health at Winclove Probiotics (NL), a company developing and producing effective and scientifically proven probiotic formulations for the b2b market