Lab Retreat 2020

Lize Delanghe & Eline Cauwenberghs During the last few months, a lot has changed in our lab. Some of our beloved postdocs decided to change university scene and a lot of new PhD students started. Additionally, our PI, Sarah Lebeer, received an ERC Starting grant (yeey!). Therefore, we decided that it was time to sit together with a […]

NSABS 2020

Every year, the universities of Belgium pull together to organize a general symposium on applied bio(techno)logy. This year, it was the 25th edition of the National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences, held at the beautiful campus Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liège.  The University of Antwerp was again well represented, with 11 researchers, of which 8 LebeerLab-members, mostly junior researchers and starting PhD students. Postdoctoral […]

Empowering Women and Girls in Science

Today we celebrate our 5th International Women and Girls in Science Day. A day that recognizes women from the past and present all over the world for their challenging power, enlightening intelligence and inspiration for future generations of women. This day also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the gender imbalance in science. Even though the global population is more or less gender-balanced, this is not fully reflected in today’s science and technology […]

Highlights of MiCROPe 2019

Marie Legein, 06/02/2020, Antwerp  Plants interact closely with microbes. These microbes can have an influence on plant health by supplying plants with extra nutrients, protecting plants against pathogens or helping plants cope with abiotic stress. A number of scientists are focusing on these microbial communities since they can provide us with vital solutions to make our food production […]