Our lab is represented at the PhD cup

Congratulations to our colleague Ilke De Boeck who has been selected as finalist for ‘ De Vlaamse PhD Cup’. After a 4-day media training, among others with interview and camera training at VRT and the semi-final, she is ready for the final on Tuesday 6th of October. Good luck Ilke! Read also her blog post […]

NSABS 2020

Every year, the universities of Belgium pull together to organize a general symposium on applied bio(techno)logy. This year, it was the 25th edition of the National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences, held at the beautiful campus Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liège.  The University of Antwerp was again well represented, with 11 researchers, of which 8 LebeerLab-members, mostly junior researchers and starting PhD students. Postdoctoral […]

Highlights of MiCROPe 2019

Marie Legein, 06/02/2020, Antwerp  Plants interact closely with microbes. These microbes can have an influence on plant health by supplying plants with extra nutrients, protecting plants against pathogens or helping plants cope with abiotic stress. A number of scientists are focusing on these microbial communities since they can provide us with vital solutions to make our food production […]

Dag van de Wetenschap

Sunday the 24th of November, a couple of members from the team were present at the ‘Dag van de Wetenschap’ in Antwerp to show some of the research done at the lab. People from all ages were able to look through the microscope, admire some agar art, make their own bacteria using Play-Doh and taste […]